Without thinking, you will remain stuck where you are, repeating your parents’ and other people’s mistakes, and continue to suffer in your life. We limit our thinking for no reason; we want to think and act like others. Our thoughts are the most important factor in determining our fate and success in life. finding alone time to think is essential.

‘’Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up, if only you try.’’- Dr. Seuss

All of the thinking you can do, all of the ideas you can come up with if you just give yourself time to think. It all simply comes down to our thinking; the majority of our problems come from a lack of thinking. People are too lazy to think; their brains have shut down; they spend their time surrounded by others, gossiping, drinking alcohol, or partying to avoid thinking. The majority of people have stopped thinking and accepted their circumstances as a way of life.

He never went to school

My younger brother never went to school and began having seizures at the age of four, which my mother mistook for witchcraft at the time. Going to school was not an option for my younger brother because he had seizures on a regular basis. My mother was the only one who could care for him; he was later diagnosed with epilepsy and began treatment. My mother expected him to improve as he grew older, but this never happened.

According to researchers, epilepsy is caused by abnormal brain activity, and seizures can affect any process that your brain coordinates as well as other parts of your body. A person’s brain is affected every time they have a seizure. My younger brother suffered from seizures on a regular basis, and it’s a miracle that he never lost his ability to think. Looking back on his life, I truly believe that anyone, regardless of their level of education, can teach themselves to think. Education does not make a person a creative thinker; thinking is a skill that can be learned independently. Learning to think critically is critical to your success in life. My younger brother is successful in life, but he cannot read or write. He can only think.

You can think yourself out of  any situation

My mother struggled to feed us as she was not working, just selling veggies on the street, and my younger brother was the fifth child. We would go to bed hungry if there wasn’t enough food. To cut a long story short, when he was 12 years old, he started washing cars on the streets. Other kids, who were also washing cars, were smoking glue and spending their money on it. He was, however, saving every penny he earned.

He bought his first car from an auction when he was 19 years old, but because he didn’t have enough money to fix it, he sold it for a higher price and saved the money. He began purchasing his own items; we only had one bathing basin, so he purchased his own. Now that I think about it, his goal seemed to be to have his own things. We used to share blankets, boys and girls would sleep together, and he bought his own blankets. We used to walk a long distance from home to school or town, so he bought himself a bicycle to solve the problem. When I think about where he’s coming from, his story inspires me because I was there when it all happened. I believe that while he was washing the cars, he had the desire to buy his own car.

The following year, he purchased another car, repaired it, and then resold it for a higher price. He has been in the car business ever since; he is now in his forties, still has epilepsy, and is on medication. In our town, he is well-known for selling cars. The amazing thing is that he did everything on his own and has now taught himself to fix cars; he is extremely intelligent. He is a thinker; whenever he comes across a problem, he comes up with a solution that does not cost him money. It appears that he has also taught himself the two most important skills about money: how to make it and how to use it.

You always have a choice

My brother was surrounded by kids who smoked glue, and he was also regarded as a street kid, asking car owners to wash their cars. He could easily have smoked glue because of his background or surroundings, but he didn’t because he knew what he wanted. It is true that we always have a choice. We are the result of the decisions we make in life. We all have the power of choice, and making the wrong choice is still a choice. We make bad decisions because we stop thinking and instead think with our feelings and emotions. We make quick decisions based on how we feel about our current circumstances.

‘’All of man’s trouble, stem from inability to sit alone, quietly in a room for any length of time.’’- Blaise Pascal

Every problem has a solution, so whatever issue you are dealing with in your life right now, whether it is a relationship, health, or financial issue, there is a solution. When we encounter difficulties, it simply indicates that it is time to explore new avenues of thought. Most of the time, we close our minds and begin worrying, complaining, and blaming. When we do this, we stop thinking and rely on outside forces to solve our problems; we begin to seek advice from the outside world, which leads to the creation of even more problems in our lives.


While my younger brother was constructing a better future for himself, I was constructing a negative future for myself. While I was still in school, I became involved with a working man, thinking he would solve my financial problems. My quick fix added more problems to my life, and I found myself back at square one, trapped in poverty. Rapid solutions result in poor outcomes. We make most of our mistakes because we don’t think; we sometimes use other people’s thoughts, what they’ve done to solve their problems, and we look for quick fixes.

For example, if you tell your friends that you are having financial difficulties, they will advise you to find a wealthy man. Some advice worsens the problem. You could end up pregnant, abused, or infected with HIV; this isn’t solving a problem; it’s amplifying it.


We continue to repeat other people’s mistakes

Most people keep repeating other people’s mistakes; for example, the majority of girls in the same area drop out due to pregnancy. They end up as single parents, struggling financially and raising their children at their parents’ house. Boys would drop out of school to hang out on the streets with other school dropouts, get involved in criminal activities, and end up in jail or being killed. Most of the time, instead of looking for long-term solutions to our problems, we seek quick fixes, which end up causing more problems in our lives. We make decisions without considering the consequences.

For example, suppose you became pregnant with your first child, the father abandoned you, and you became pregnant again with another man, who also abandoned you, but instead of learning the lesson, you keep making the same mistakes over and over, until you have four fatherless children. The truth is that you are not thinking at all; your brain has been turned off. A bad situation can only be improved if we think differently and focus on long-term solutions.


Thinking is a skill that every human being requires; anyone, regardless of education level, can teach themselves to think. Education teaches us only one aspect of thinking: what to think, not how to think. When you learn what to think, you learn one way of thinking; you don’t fully use your brain to think, which is why a person can be educated but be a poor thinker. Thinking allows you to move from where you are to where you want to go; without the ability to think, you are stuck in whatever situation you are in in your life.

I’m worried about our future generation; they’re too lazy to think; they spend the majority of their time on social media, scrolling through newsfeeds, posting pictures, or partying. Our future generation is doomed; they finish school and wait for jobs; if that does not happen, they turn to alcohol abuse, criminal activity, prostitution, drugs, and other addictions. When they are unable to find work, they become hopeless because they lack the ability to think critically. Some people have been looking for work for years and are stuck because they can’t think of any other options; they only have one way of thinking.


The youth should get together, just like they do when they get together to party, and brainstorm new ideas that can change the current unemployment situation. We can live in a better society if everyone can advance in life because it makes no difference if only one person succeeds while the others struggle. If the elders and the youth group together and work together, they will be able to solve many of their society’s problems.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via email if you require assistance in making a life-changing decision. Allow me to be your thinking partner.

Published by Thuli Silinda

I am a certified life coach, I help individuals, to create their dream life. I can help you move from where you are, to where you want to be and achieve your dreams. Whether your dream is to be healthy, find a job, change a career, start a business or find your life partner. I believe you can be, do, have anything you want in your life, nothing is impossible with the help and support of a life coach.

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