How to know if you’re in the wrong Job or Business?


1. You feel stuck

Work without love  is slavery.

Mother Teresa

You are bored with your job or business, and you drag yourself out of bed every morning to go to work. You can’t wait to get home from work, and if you don’t work on weekends, you can’t wait for Fridays. When you’re at home, you’re at your happiest. You wish you were not doing this job; every time you go to work, it feels like you’re going to prison. It is obvious that you dislike your job; If there was another way, you would quit as yesterday.

2. Your job or business is a ‘have to’ not a ‘want to’

Don’t be pushed around by fears in your mind. Be lead by the dreams in your heart.

Roy T. Bannett

You took the job or started the business because of a bad situation at home, not because you liked the job or business. As time passes, you begin to feel drained, and your work begins to weigh heavily on your shoulders. You’re unhappy, your life is a mess, and you work hard but have nothing to show for it.

You can’t quit because of the situation at home; you feel trapped and confused as if there is no way out; however, if money were not an issue, you would quit your job. Furthermore, you play the lottery every week in the hope of winning enough money, so that you quit your job. Every night, you pray for a miracle to happen and rescue you from this job. You like, taking more sick days because you will not go to work for a few days.

People sometimes start a business because they see someone else doing it and succeeding. They had no interest in the business, to begin with; it was all about making money. However, once they begin their business, it is the total opposite of what they expected. It becomes a hand-to-mouth situation, and it’s exhausting.

3.Your heart is not there

I think the person who takes a job in order to live- that is to say , (just) for the money- has turned himself into a slave.

Joseph Campbell

When you accept a job just for financial benefit, you are selling yourself short. The money will initially excite you; however, as time passes, you will begin to feel as if just part of you is showing up for work, while the other part is not. Sometimes you choose a job solely because it pays well. And now, the only thing that binds you to your job is money; your job drains your energy, and you are no longer happy. You are disengaged from your job, and you believe that your skills are mismatched with the task at hand. It’s disheartening to feel as if you’re not making the most of who you are. Your body is the only one that shows up to work; your heart is no longer present.

4. You feel like all the excitement is gone

As long as you are trying to be something other than what you actually are, your mind wears itself out.

J. Krishnamurti

The thrill and challenge you used to feel have gone, and the excitement you once felt for your career has vanished. You now drag yourself to work and are no longer as productive as you used to be. It’s also possible that the thrill was never there, to begin with; you observed other people doing the job and imagined that you’d enjoy your work later on, but that never happened. When you’re at work, you feel like a dead man walking; you don’t feel alive anymore.

It’s possible that the cause is that you’ve been doing the same work for years, with no change or challenge. You’re starting to despise your job, and you won’t be able to achieve more if you’re unhappy at work. Most people work at the same job until they retire because they fear change. Some people stay in the same post for years, failing to develop their talents and advance to a new position. Life was designed to be a learning experience; you cannot be happy if you are not progressing.

5. Something is missing

If you find what you do each day seems to have no link to any higher purpose, you probably want to rethink what you’re doing.

Ronald Heifetz

You are unhappy because you are unfulfilled and uninspired; something is missing in your life. You know there’s something you should do, but you’re not sure what it is. You know there’s more to life, but you’re not sure how to get there. You are emotionally and physically exhausted by your task; you are struggling and physically exhausted. This job does not empower or challenge you to reach your full potential; you feel like you have no influence over your life, which is stressful; you feel like a robot. You are unable to use your creative abilities, there is no room for progress, and you feel as if you are suffocating. When you’re at work, you have to be someone you’re not; you have two separate personalities, you’re only yourself when you are not at work.

Disavantages of unhappiness at work


Fighting and arguments at home

Most people don’t want to disappoint their loved ones, they don’t talk about their feelings; instead, they suffer in silence.  Their families, churches, and society place too much pressure on them. There is no peace in some households; there are constant fights and arguments over money, and the majority of marriages end in divorce. This results in more broken homes in our societies, with children suffering the most because they are raised by single parents when their parents are divorced.

People who are unhappy at work suffer a slow and painful death on the inside. This causes sadness, and for some people, it becomes too much to bear, and they commit suicide. You might wonder what drove them to commit suicide when they had a solid job and appeared to have the perfect life and family. We only see their outer world, but their inner world is shattered.

Some people die of heart attacks as a result of work-related stress; they live a stressful lifestyle, which can lead to a heart attack or sudden cardiac death. We all know people who die of heart attacks; they had nice careers, a good life, they appeared to be living a good life; you wonder what went wrong; the truth is, they were hurting on the inside.

Studies show that unhappiness at work is the number one risk factor for heart disease greater than smoking, high cholesterol, or hypertension. Most people are in pain, frustrated and unhappy with their jobs. They feel imprisoned by their jobs because they think, they have no other options. They lose themselves in the name of making money, they are not spiritually connected with what they are doing.

Negative attitude


Workplace dissatisfaction can affect all aspects of your life, including your connection with your partner, children, and others close to you, as well as your physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being. A person who is unhappy is like a “ticking time bomb”; they lack patience and are easily irritated. They are unpleasant to be around because they are constantly grumbling about life’s inequity. It’s difficult to stay with someone who is dissatisfied, has a negative attitude, and is irritable. They burst over little things because of the misery they are experiencing inside.

Alcohol abuse


Most people turn to alcohol to cope with their unhappiness at work.   Another factor that depresses individuals is that they live hand to mouth, and others are in debt, owing loan sharks. They pay and borrow every month, and it has become their way of life. The only way to cope with the circumstance is to drink, which leads to more sadness because alcohol does not alleviate their problems.

Many people sacrifice their happiness in order to care for their family, and you may find that they have ungrateful families that don’t appreciate what they do for them and instead complain that it isn’t enough. The anguish becomes unbearable, and the only way to cope is to seek comfort in alcohol, even if it is only a temporary fix. This is how a person becomes an alcoholic since they must continue to drink in order to feel better. Most alcoholics began with just one or two drinks to numb the pain until their drinking became uncontrollable.


Your job has to challenge and empower you

Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose.

Viktor Frankl

It’s critical to be satisfied with the work you’re doing; your employment should both challenge and empower you. You will be happy when you are able to express your creativity. If your job is routine, you will become bored and stressed because you will be doing the same thing every day. A job should push you to reach your full potential and explore your abilities. You must do something that forces you to step outside of your comfort zone. We can only progress if we put our strengths to the test.

The only way to HAPPINESS is to find your WHY, then SPEND your LIFE doing it.

We spend more time at work than at home; some individuals work from morning to night and do not have time to spend with their families. Consider this: if you’re unhappy all day, you’ll go to bed miserable every night, with a sense of sadness. Your life will become routine, and you will feel as if you are going to prison every time you go to work. You’ll be angry with your family because they have no idea how difficult it is for you to put food on the table. Your relationships will suffer as a result of your negative attitude. Workplace dissatisfaction has a negative impact on health; have you noticed how many individuals are on medicine for ulcers, hypertension, arthritis, and other ailments? Stress is the root of all of these disorders.

I questioned a few folks if they liked their work, and the majority of them said they didn’t; they took the job because of a difficult situation at home. I know that the majority of people are locked in jobs and businesses they don’t like only to solve problems; the work has no meaning, it’s just a means to an end. People who are dissatisfied with their work tend to see their jobs negatively, as a burden. And this bad attitude about their profession has a negative impact on their lives, affecting them both mentally and physically.

The work we do has a major impact on our well-being; it either encourages or demotivates us. As a result, it is critical to enjoy your work so that you can improve spiritually and physically. Nature demonstrates that life was designed for growth. Nature continues to grow, and humans must do the same; if there is no progress, we are stagnant and unhappy.

Wake up to your calling

Everyone has a talent

Every man has his own vocation, talent is the call.


Everyone is good at something; we just don’t prioritize doing what we’re good at. Most people have forgotten about their potential; others are aware of their talent but do not believe it is sufficient to earn a living. People resist acquiring knowledge in order to improve their abilities. Sometimes all that is required to develop and refine a talent is information and skills. You have the ability to become the person you have always desired to be and to realize your full potential.

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.


It’s fine to make little money as long as you’re working in a career or business that makes you happy. The most essential thing is to be happy in whatever you do, which is why, regardless of what people say, you must follow your heart and pursue something that makes you happy. 

We must accept responsibility and begin to shape our own professional destiny. We must get up and pursue a career or business that we are passionate about. Similarly, we can only express our creativity, potential, and aliveness at work if we are doing something we enjoy; else, we are slaves. We have many talented people who are forced to work in jobs they despise merely to make ends meet; these positions have nothing to do with who they are. People have huge potentials, but they are unable to express it because they are in the wrong place.

Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.

Leonardo da Vince


We’re are here to fully express ourselves in order to become who we truly are. It will affect you, your happiness, and those around you if your potential is not realized. Positive energy is created when we become who we are. We are born with a skill; there is something you are good at, and that something will make you entirely happy, regardless of how much money you earn.

Are you happy with your job or business?

It’s time to take action; don’t just accept being stuck doing something you hate; put a stop to this unhappy life; you deserve to be happy. The good news is that making changes in your life is entirely up to you. There is no need to wait because no one is coming; you are your own rescuer and must save yourself.

If you’re ready to step up your game, whether it’s changing careers, discovering your professional path, learning a new skill, or establishing a business, allow me to help you. There is no need to quit your career or business; you can begin working on your dreams immediately, after work or on weekends, until they take off. Contact me on WhatsApp; I am here to assist you in discovering your potential and beginning to live a meaningful life.

Published by Thuli Silinda

I am a certified life coach, I help individuals, to create their dream life. I can help you move from where you are, to where you want to be and achieve your dreams. Whether your dream is to be healthy, find a job, change a career, start a business or find your life partner. I believe you can be, do, have anything you want in your life, nothing is impossible with the help and support of a life coach.

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