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About me


My name is Thuli Silinda, and my mission is to help individuals change their life by guiding them through the process of goal-setting to getting results. I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve whatever goals they set for themselves in life. I started transforming my life at my late forties by reading motivational books, which inspired me to pursue a career as a life coach so that I could share my life-changing knowledge with others and help them make positive changes in their lives.

I came from a poor background, I was raised by a single parent, and I dropped out of school due to financial difficulties. My mother was struggling to feed us; she sold vegetables on the streets, and it wasn’t enough to feed six mouths, some days we went to bed hungry. We didn’t have a home, so we were constantly on the move. In my adult life,

I found myself in the same situation, raising my children without a job or a home. I became a street vendor selling outside the school gate; being out on the streets when it was hot, raining, and windy wasn’t easy. Despite the fact that life was difficult, I was able to rent a small room and buy food. My two boys and I shared a room that served as a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and toilet at night because we couldn’t go outside because it was too dangerous; we had to use a bucket. It wasn’t easy sharing a room with boys, but we had no choice.

Since I was in primary school, reading has been my passion. It helped me to escape my reality; it was the only thing that made me feel better; I would lose myself in the story and forget about my problems. I continued to read novels throughout my adult life; my only regret is that I was clueless about motivational books until I was in my forties; perhaps if I had known about them sooner, I could have begun the process of changing my life sooner.

The bible in Hosea 6:4 ‘’ My people die because of lack of knowledge.’’

We die due to a lack of knowledge, we become imprisoned in situations, and we tolerate hardships due to our ignorance of the truth. I gave up on my dreams because I believed they were impossible; attending church and praying didn’t seem to help; year after year, I was stuck hoping for a miracle to save me.


Reading helped me shift my attention; the first motivational book I read was Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” which taught me something new: education has nothing to do with becoming rich; it is all about learning from successful people and acquiring new skills. Change was possible for me, regardless of my circumstances, background, or educational level. I quit reading novels after reading this book and began searching for motivational books.

“The power of my subconscious mind,” by Joseph Murphy, was my second book. It made me realize that it was up to me to improve my life, that I had all the power within. I discovered that my habitual thinking and imagination affect my destiny since a man is what he thinks in his subconscious mind. I’ve struggled my entire life, convinced that the answers were somewhere out there. For me, the only option was to change my mindset and start transforming my life.

I was inspired to transform my life as I read more motivational books; I had inner hope and strength that anything was possible. I had to nurture my seed by reading every motivating book I could get my hands on. Everything in my environment was negative, so I had to read every day to stay positive and keep the fire burning inside.

I began looking for business opportunities that I could pursue while still selling at school. I tried a lot of various things that didn’t work out, but I never gave up. I kept trying until I found a business idea that succeeded, and I was finally able to stop selling at school.

Change is possible, no matter where you are in your life, and where you come from, it doesn’t matter, how old you are or your level of education, your dream life is possible.

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