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I’m curious about your goals, dreams, and inspirations, as well as what makes you tick, what’s important to you, what excites you, and what you’re most passionate about in life. I want to assist you in clarifying your goals and provide tools for action and learning that will lead to you creating the life you desire and achieving your dreams.

Book your free 45 minutes coaching session

Are you feeling stuck in life, nothing is working out? Are you struggling to achieve your life goals? Do you have a specific problem you want to solve? If so, book your free online coaching session now, let’s see how I can help you solve your problem. After attending the free session, we will see if we can work together to change your current situation.


Payment in ZAR is R150 click on the link below to make your payment:



Thuli is a humble and caring person who has helped me in getting my life in order since last year. I was all over the place and had no idea what I wanted out of life until I met Thuli. She helped me focus on the important things in life, and I will be eternally grateful for having her as my life coach. Get in touch with her if you’re serious about making a change in your life.

— Joyce Dlamini

I had been stuck in a situation for years and never thought there was a way out. Meeting Thuli was a blessing in disguise because she assisted me in turning things around. I realized that changing my circumstances was entirely up to me; my limiting beliefs were keeping me stuck. I’m still a work in progress, but I’m so glad I finally know where I’m going. Having Thuli as my life coach, guiding me all the way to my goals, has been a blessing. Thank you so much, Thuli!

— Linda Ndlovu

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